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Since 1898.. Govindram Shobharam & Co. - A tradition of Trust and Quality for Generations
and service adopted to built excellence to serve and service modern way of life.

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Since 1898, GS Brands has been a part of the lives of millions of families. Our rich tea brands are more than just products, they are a tradition for our customers. And for over 34 years, we have kept this tradition of taste and quality unblemished.

Our company’s journey started more than a century ago. In 1898, Govindram Shobharam & Co. was established by late Shri Purshottamdas Lallubhai Shah, with the aid of his son Shri Ramanlal, and Shri Haribhai Choudhary, Shri Kantilal and Shri Sunderlal. These men, with experience in trade and a vision for a company that cared for its customers, regardless of their social and economic class, built the foundation for the bright future of GS Brands.

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